Monday, April 30, 2012

Another "Small Wonder"

Yesterday's post was about the Small Wonders Challenge & fundraiser, and I mentioned that members Torrie and Deb each donated a quilt for that event.  I now have a photo of Torrie's entry.  Look closely, and you'll see her French knots and hand-stitching that meanders through the blocks -- it reminds me of tiny bird tracks.

Torrie's "Small Wonder" entry.

I like her interesting pieced work, and especially the small shots of red in the vertical blue strip on the right.   Can't wait to see all the entries this year!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Deb's "Small Wonder" quilt

Two of our members, Torrie and Deb,  have submitted quilts for the Small Wonders Challenge.  Here's Deb's entry: 

"Sister's Temptations" by Deb Sorem
The Small Wonders Challenge and fundraiser is one of the highlights of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (SOQS).  This is a judged contest (with prizes), and all donated quilts have to be of an original design.  Last year, over 80 entries were received, raising $1,100 for a local charity.

While I don't have a photo of Torrie's entry right now, I'll try to get one, as well as photos of other members' projects.   I just need to keep asking for them!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring beauty

Oregon's Willamette Valley is so green and lush this time of year.  I imagine it's a lot like Ireland.

This sedum-type ground cover that looks like tiny green stars.
My colorful tulips!
 Bleeding Hearts, just outside my back door.
Flowering cherry trees in the (Salem, OR) capitol mall.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Catching up with the other members

At our meeting last night, we got to tour Deb's new studio, a remodeling project that more than doubled her space.  She also has several windows that offer views of her beautiful yard, green and lush this time of year.   I believe she said there were 26 natural-light bulbs in the ceiling, so there are no shadows anywhere.  Her design wall was an ingenious 8' tall wall-mounted unit that she and her contractor thought up.  Wish I'd taken photos!  She said it's hard to leave the space now; she could work for hours and hours. 

Maureen's work is in a new show at the Currents Gallery in McMinnville, OR,  Recycled Art Show, with an artists' reception this coming Sat., Apr. 21.
Maureen's participating in this show!
As we began going around the room, I felt the familiar thrill of seeing what our other members are creating.  Within a few minutes, I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat.  Erika's nearly finished her challenge quilt, where most of us are just beginning ours.

Lisa gave us a slide show on her laptop of the week-long class she just took with Gloria Loughman at Empty Spools at Asilomar. Then she showed the small practice piece she made the first day: 
Lisa's sample from Gloria Loughman's class.
That seems like a great way to teach a new technique; it familiarizes everyone with all the steps, then they can proceed to the "real" (larger) project.   Gloria's new technique will soon to be available to all of us when her new book's released.  I know I'll want to try it!

I also got to see Kathleen's start on her challenge piece, using Noriko Endo's confetti technique to create an impressionistic landscape.  LOTS of little pieces!
Unfortunately, I had to leave after that, so I missed the other projects that were shared.  Next time I'll remember to take my camera!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

What I've been working on

I've been absent from the blog world for over a month; just a phase I'm going through.  As much as I love writing, it even surprises me when I stay away from here that long!
My absence here doesn't mean I've been slacking off, though.  Needing some PLAY time, I freemotion- quilted some scraps onto wool felt, playing around with some quilting motifs and patterns:
Can you spot the 3 ginko leaves?

Quilted pebbles.

Misc. quilting designs.
 Another evening, I made paper cloth (per Beryl Taylor's technique).  Dilute white glue 50/50 with water and use it to "decoupage" decorative paper, tissue paper, Joss paper, bits of torn ephemera (maps, paper placemat from a Chinese restaurant, gift wrap, pretty paper napkins, and pages from a 1937 personal diary -- not mine!) onto a piece of muslin, which has been ironed to freezer paper for stability.  I usually add a little diluted paint  to some of the white areas to add color, but because I'd used bleeding tissue paper, I skipped that step this time.
Paper cloth.

Paper cloth detail.
Once it's dry, paper cloth can be used in mixed media projects and holds up well to stitching.  In fact, I used some in the FMQ stitch sample on wool felt, above, though it's not visible in any of these photos.
My fabric postcard for the Wish Upon a Card show.
Last week, I made another of my "cupcake" fabric postcards and sent it off to the 6th annual Wish Upon a Card  juried show and silent auction.  This project has become the SOSQ's (Sisters' Outdoor Quilt Show) signature fundraiser. Selected cards will be custom framed, compliments of High Desert Frameworks, for this auction.  Cards not selected for framing are sold and proceeds from the sale and silent auction (about $50,000) are donated to Wendy's Wish Foundation, which provides support services for cancer patients in Central Oregon.

Two of our other member, Torrie and Deb, have made pieces for another of SOSQ's fundraisers, Small Wonders.  I'll try to get photos of those quilts to share here.
Our monthly Fiberexplorations meeting is tomorrow night at Deb's, and we're hoping to see her remodeled studio! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Project for another group

I'm also a member of the Salem Art Group, and we're having our first group exhibition, Blue.  Here's my contribution:

Sea Hunt.

Sea Hunt, detail.
This project used the fabric collage techniques from Susan Carlson's two books, Freestyle Quilts and Serendipity Quilts.  I made two others years ago, which were my first venture into art quilting.  This one is different, as it's mounted on canvas stretcher bars, for a nice, clean finish.
Here are some of the works by other members.  (Excuse the poor photography; I didn't want to disturb the diners to get my photos, so some are awkward.)

By Dayna Collins.

Three pieces by Jami Moffatt.

Gelatin monoprints by Kathy Shen.

Mixed media painting by Linda West.

Painting by Katy Vigeland.

Second painting by Katy Vigeland.

Beautiful koi painting by Susan Browning (too bad it's blurry!).
I got shots of the others, but none that were good enough to include here.
The show is up through the end of May at Venti's Cafe, downtown Salem on Court St.