Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Photo Safari" Challenge Results

Throughout last fall, each of us worked on our pieces for the "Photo Safari" challenge.  This was the challenge where we all went to Salem's Bush Park and took photos, then chose our best 12 shots and drew names to swap them with another member.  From the photo set each member received, we each had to design and create a quilt inspired by those photos.  The total of all four sides of the finished quilt had to equal between 84" and 144", allowing for a variety of sizes and configurations.

We held our March meeting at Deb's to take advantage of her large studio space and lighting set-up that's perfect for photographing textiles.  My daughter brought her friend, Cody Drago, a very talented photographer who's just starting a side business photographing textiles.

Here are the challenge quilts he photographed that night, beginning with Patty's.  I'm completely amazed at the way Cody's captured the luminosity and three-dimensionality of this piece!

"Autumn Leaves" by Patty Korn
Detail of  "Autumn Leaves" -- Wow! What a glow!
Then there's the lush greenery of Bush Park that Nancy recreated using tucks and folds.  (And I'm guessing that because she lives on a forested ridgetop, her surroundings also played a part in inspiring this naturalistic piece!):
"Woodland Nocturne" by Nancy Swanson
"Woodland Nocturne" detail
Lisa, ever the perfectionist, spent hours upon hours on the detailed stitching of her piece, both by machine and by hand:
Lisa's abstract depiction of roses (not yet titled)
Click on this next shot for an enlarged view of the intricate hand stitching in the centers of the two roses on the left:
detail of Lisa's roses
And beckoning us from a tropical isle is Maureen's beautiful poster-sized postcard from one of our previous challenges ("Letters"):
"Just Mail It" by Maureen Erhardt
"Just Mail It" detail
More photos from this challenge will be posted soon, so please visit again!   Comments are greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3rd Annual FABRICATIONS: The Art of Quilting Show

Along with two other Fiberexplorations members (Deb and Erika), I was thrilled to learn that one of my quilts was accepted into the juried Fabrications: The Art of Quilting show in Bend, Ore.  This Friday evening, March 7, is the artists' reception  from 5-7 pm, coinciding with Bend's First Friday activities. This show is sponsored by the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (SOQS).

Here are the quilts that are in the show:

Erika's "Industrial Nature"

"Industrial Nature," detail.
"Passion Flower" by Deb.

Deb's "The Voice"

"Blue Note" by Joanna
"Blue Note" detail
There will be complimentary wine and refreshments at the reception, so please stop by if you're able.  Otherwise, you can catch the show through the end of March.  The venue is Franklin Crossing, on the corner of Bond & Franklin in downtown Bend.