Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Collage from ONE Fundraiser

"One Point Five" by Virginia Spiegel

I'm now the proud owner of "One Point Five," a fiber art collage by Virginia Spiegel, the creator of the event.  It's exciting to know that I'll soon have one of these collages on my wall, but even more thrilling that it's one of Virginia's!

Despite sleeping later than I intended, I was still able to snag one of the 100 fiber art collages from today's online fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  The ONE Fundraiser, which I wrote about in yesterday's post, has now SURPASSED its goal of raising $8,000 in one day!  With 15 minutes left in the event (as of this writing), they're up to $8,398 in donations.

What a great event!


  1. Joanna, Thank you for donating to the ACS so generously for my artwork. We raised $9817 in just six hours.

  2. That's so incredible! You're welcome, but the thanks go to you for all your hard work and dedication to this cause.