Friday, May 13, 2011

Check out this book!

I miss my camera!  I hadn't realized how much I depend on my little digital camera until it stopped working about 3 weeks ago.  I use it to take photos of work in progress, things that inspire me, and for images to post on this blog.  Yesterday I took a break from work to pull some weeds, and within the space of 5 minutes had found three snakes!  My instinct was to run for the camera, but then I remembered . . .

The need to add some color to this page determined the topic.  Today's mail brought a copy of  the book Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge:

It's rich with inspiration!  I'd already seen most of the quilts on the group's website and on individual members' blogs, but the book offers so much more (  Each chapter highlights one of the groups' challenge themes and is narrated by one of the members.

Twelve by Twelve is an international online art quilt group.  Every two months, its 12 members responded to a new, one-word challenge theme by making a 12" x 12" quilt, then posting it online on "reveal day."  Often, the challenge "word" had different meanings to different members.  In addition, there were no other limits or restrictions included in the challenges, making the realm of possibilities even more fascinating.

This group isn't finished working together.  According to their website, they're in the middle of another challenge, with a reveal date of  June 1, 2011.

I'm glad this book arrived on a Friday.  I have all weekend to devour it.  Oh, wait! I meant to say that I'll be sewing most of the weekend, but will be able to stay up later than usual to dive into the book .

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