Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Work by Kathleen and Deb; First blog contest!

Here's a peek at some of the other projects our members are working on:

Kathleen's deconstructed/reconstructed/eco/repurposed/all-purpose bag got plenty of oohs and ahhs, and it's even lined!
Kathleen's bag
While Kathleen was thinking winter (note the snow in the bird scene at the bag's bottom), Deb was still in the moment with autumn leaves:  Do you see how that relates to yesterday's post?  (Clue:  see the photo caption on my Nov. 28 post!)
Deb's "Autumn Leaves"
Let's make that into a little contest, shall we?  It will be my first!  At midnight Thurs., Dec. 8,  I'll randomly draw a name from all who leave a comment with the correct answer to the above question.  To the winner:  one of my lovingly handmade fabric postcards.  Please be sure your email address is accessible from your comment so I can snail-mail your fabric postcard.


  1. Joanna, I really enjoy your blog, the photos are always so fun! And the answer is . . . living in the moment, I'll add, drawing inspiration with what is around you! tg

  2. Yes, living in the moment is the answer. I find I follow that motto best when I am being creative. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. Live in the moment, a good motto for this time of year to reduce stress.

  4. yes... living in the moment... and who is a better example than a pet!

  5. First of all: I love your new background. Second I appreciate all your photos, I feel like I still get to visit you in this insanely busy thing we call life. Who knew?!


  6. Your quilts are so beautiful, Joanna. Such vibrant colors and how you combine them make me swoon. I strive to live in the moment whatever the season (not always successful, but I keep at it).

  7. Joanna, your sense of color, pattern, and texture is inspiring. I love how you experiment with color combinations. Makes me want to add to my own palette!

  8. I think Kathy was "living in the moment" where I live; since we are having snow. Tell her that I love her bag.

  9. This contest is over, but keep watching for future chances.

    Please remember to add an ID so I can contact you, especially when it's a contest! There were two comments that were "disqualified" because there was no way for me to email those writers:

    Comment #5: "Anonymous," who signed her comment with the initial "L" . . . and
    Comment #8: another "Anonymous" but no initials or other ID included.


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  11. Joanna,
    Tell Kathy that I called her Kathy and you will find that I'm only anonymous in the blog world! There are only two people who call her that : )
    Have fun at the party tonight; and you will love what Rex prepared!