Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Arty Chair

When I saw this chair on the Stitchin' Post's blog, I knew I'd have to share it.  In her "intuitive quilting" style, shop owner/educator/author/designer Jean Wells gave this chair a very fresh update that says Spring to me:
Jean's new chair.
Visit  the Stitchin' Post's blog to read about this project and see the in-progress photos.  I admire this kind of outside-the-box thinking..  What other unexpected ways could you use strip-piecing to to create a more inspired living space?  (I have lots of left-over pieced sections from my wall quilt Natural Symphony, but where to use them??)

Since I'm on the subject of colorful and interesting furnishings, here's the couch I'd love to have:
My dream loveseat.
I labeled the photo Hampton 2 Patchwork Sofa, but didn't save the source.  Guess I'll have to dream about making it myself.


  1. I love the chair, but love the couch even more!! That would be such a great piece of furniture to have - a bright spot in a room, for sure.

  2. Wow. I would love to make something like that! Thanks for showing it. Maybe...some day! Glad to find your blog, Joanna!