Saturday, May 5, 2012

A little silk painting

As usual, I'm procrastinating on starting my project for the current Fiberexplorations challenge.  That's not to say I haven't made any progress; it's just not direct progress.  I decided to add a river to my design, which allowed me to indulge my desire to do some silk painting, which I hadn't done in quite awhile.  I love how the colors flow, spread, and blend, and then to add salt, and watch the little bursts! come up . . . ooh la la!

Hand-painted silk.
Another view.

This time, I used silk satin, which is a little heavier and more luxurious-feeling than the lighter-weight China Silk (Silk Habotai) I used on previous projects.
And one more!
Now the hard part: cutting it up.  Do I cut the river out of one piece?  Or cut the whole thing up and piece it?  These are the types of decisions that keep me stuck in procrastinating.

Products used:  Jacquard Silk Color Dyes (Green Label)
fixed with: Jacquard Permanent Dyeset Concentration
on silk satin from Dharma Trading


  1. I love these textile pieces. The colors are beautiful and I love the effect of the salt. I like what you are planning to do with them- is it for a quilt? I hope you will show pictures of the results- I am sure it will be beautiful.

    1. Amanda, thanks for your comment. Yes, I'm going to use it in the current challenge quilt I'm working on, and I will post photos on the progress; there just hasn't been much lately! I hope to get photos of everyone's quilts in-progress at next Mon.'s meeting, and will share them here. It's an interesting challenge, and if you want to read/see more about it, go to my 3/13/12 post ("Our New Challenge"). We did this challenge last year (see posts from June 2011) and the finished quilts were hung as a group at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (July 8, 2011 post).

  2. Sounds like you are meandering your way to this challenge!