Friday, June 22, 2012

Progress Report on our Challenge Quilts

At our June meeting earlier this week, everyone brought their challenge quilts to show.  We're all  at different stages of construction, and a few were complete, or very close to being completed.  Here's a quick peek:

Maureen adding the dancing shoes to her piece, but wait til you see what she adds at the end!
Maureen's quilt top.


 Torrie's almost finished -- she has a change she wants to implement, then it's just the quilt label to add.
Torrie's quilt.
 Deb, of course, has been finished for awhile.
Deb's finished quilt.
 Kathleen, queen of fabric collage, is trying out "confetti-style" design with this one:
Kathleen's top

Kathleen's confetti-style tree tops.
 Sorry, Erika!  I can never seem to get a good photo of your quilt!  It's either out of focus, half-shaded, or something else, so I'm showing three shots of your piece, which is almost finished:
Erika's quilt.

Top of Erika's quilt, showing metal wire embellishment, followed by a row of gems.

Side of Erika's quilt with beautiful double-needle machine quilting.
 Lisa's quilt features a giant 9-patch.  The colored blocks are made entirely from the fabric swatches we exchanged, and the four white blocks are pieced to perfection!
Lisa's 9-patch perfection.
And Maya showed us the very elegant sample she made to work out her design plan.  Now she has to remake it to measure 36" x 36!  Everyone ooh'ed and ahh'ed at her creative approach:
Maya's sample web design.
I see that I forgot to get a shot of Chris' quilt. There's an earlier shot in the previous post, and since then, she's hand-appliqued the large autumn leaves to the background, threadpainted the leaf veins, and added scrumptious white velvet.  Wow-wee!

As for mine, it's still under construction and last night I started the sunset section over.  I had too much trouble piecing the extreme curves I'd designed (and I said I wanted a challenge!), so I got out my Setacolor paints and painted the sunset portion.  Now to catch up . . . two weeks and a day til the deadline!

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