Saturday, November 17, 2012

This one's for Torrie!

Last Mon. afternoon, Deb, Kathleen, and I drove to Sisters and spent the night at Torrie's (our member who's recently relocated there).  We dubbed it "the PJ Party," but in reality it was a meeting to prepare for our presentation the next day to the Mountain Meadows Quilt Guild in Sunriver, OR. Over wine and cheese, we discussed the next day's plan and sorted through the 50-some quilts we'd be showing.

After the fact -- some of my quilts that were shown at the presentation. 
I should stop here and make a confession:  Yes, I've neglected this blog for 2 months and feel guilty about it.  I missed the writing, yet (obviously) not enough to break out of the rut I'd found myself in.  I  left my camera at home and missed out on some prime photo op's (like the one at Sunriver!), and let some stories pass by unrecorded. 

But all it took to get me back here were a few words from Torrie, spoken over dinner at her house that night.  She missed my blog posts!  It seems that while I thought no one was listening, she kept checking in to see if I'd posted anything new.  So this one's for you, Torrie!

Photographed through the filter of my rain-streaked window last month.
Our hour-long presentation in Sunriver came off without a hitch.  (Deb had laryngitis -- honestly! -- so her speaking part was very limited.)  We described the beginnings of Fiberexplorations and the positive impact it's had on each of us, as well as stories about our quilt challenges and exhibiting our work in public, and the opportunities that have come our way as a result.  It was gratifying to see so much of our work in one place, but even moreso to receive the compliments of the guild members after the presentation, as they came up for a closer look at our quilts.

I hope there will be more opportunities like this, where we get to visit other groups to share our stories and our work.  Oh, and more PJ parties, too!
Rain-soaked leaves gathered today (to be preserved).


  1. Really beautiful fall color photos. The quilts are really nice, too!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful get away.