Sunday, May 5, 2013

Progress on "Painted Canvas" Challenge

 We're unveiling our finished pieces for the "Painted Canvas" challenge at next Monday night's meeting.  It took me awhile to narrow down my design ideas, but I finally decided to base it on this sketch from my design journal: 
Challenge idea from my design journal.
When the top was finished, I needed to decide how to quilt it.  I had four ideas in mind, so I made this quick crayon sketch of the quilt . . .

 then auditioned each of the quilting designs (penciled onto tracing paper) over it:
Possible quilting lines, idea #4.

 I decided to go with my first idea, where the quilting lines curve in opposing directions:

Chosen plan for the quilting lines.
  Here's the finished top before it was quilted:

Quilt top, before quilting
 I plan to add LOTS of quilting lines in multiple colors, and hope it complements the happy feeling I already get from this quilt.

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