Thursday, August 1, 2013

Rewinding Summer, Part 2

In this post, I'll revisit the July evening when I did my 2nd gilding experiment with the Gelli plate, packing tape, paint, mica powders, and gold leaf.  To see my first Gilding the Gelli experiment from July 4th, click here.

As before, I started by adding layers of acrylic paint on my Gelli plate, then using various tools to lift some of the paint and create marks. 

First layer on Gelli plate.

After the first layer dried completely, I added layer after layer, repeating the process until it felt like "enough."

After the final layer was added to the plate.

Once the final layer dried, I covered it with strips of packing tape, placed side-by-side.
Strips of tape laid over painted Gelli plate.
Once the strips of tape were removed, I rubbed some mica powders in different areas of the tape (sticky side.  Various colors of gold leaf flakes were adhered to any remaining blank areas.  The detail photos below show the shiny side of the tape (not the sticky side).


Stay tuned; I have at least 3 more summer projects to share before August ends!

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