Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fabric Painting with Deb

Deb and I got together yesterday afternoon to do some fabric painting.  We used a variety of textile paints, blended and mixed colors, then brushed, dabbed, and dribbled them onto fabric. 

Deb's first piece, nearly dry.

My first piece, still wet.

I rolled up my first piece so the colors would soften and blend, then put it in a plastic bag to take home.

Once I got home and ironed it, this is how it looked:

Sunset colors.
On our next pieces, we mostly used Setacolor paints and diluted them about 50/50 with water; the colors flowed nicely over dampened cloth.   This time we painted on some mystery fabric of Deb's -- a very soft, loosely woven blend.  We agreed these would make lovely scarves, especially with the addition of some nuno-felting!

The loosely-woven fabric, freshly painted.
I'd brought along my painting boards for us to use.  They're foam core, covered front & back with clear Contac paper to keep moisture from seeping in, and I've used them for years.  When we finished painting for the day, I noticed how they were stained with layers and layers of paint, a testament to many sessions of fabric painting.
My colorful painting boards!
Here are my two painted pieces after I ironed them to set the colors:

Painted fabrics, ready to use.

The sunset-color piece on the right might work in my next challenge project, and the green-blue piece is still insisting on being nuno-felted!

What do you think?


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