Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New work

Over the past week, I experimented with the 12" x 12" format and found that I liked it.  Here's the piece I did:

"Tribute to the Elder"

"Tribute to the Elder" detail
The "Elder" being referenced is my dad.  The basis of this design was a small sketch of overlapping circles topped with a t-shape.  It was in my design sketchbook, on a page dated 10/15/13, which would've been my dad's 97th birthday (though he only lived to the age of 62).  The title is rather tongue-in-cheek and I think it would've amused him.

It was very satisfying to work in this small format, as it forced me to simplify the design, and that inspired me to want to work in a series.  I've been doing the exercises in  the book Visual Guide to Working in a Series by Elizabeth Barton (which is excellent, by the way!) as I try to narrow down my theme.  Stay tuned to see where this path takes me!

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