Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First Day! August 5, 2009

While encouraging my friend Laura to start a blog while she's in Mexico, I thought I should first see how difficult it might be.

I've toyed with the idea of starting a blog for a long time, but didn't want to add another obligation to my already-overloaded list of personal expectations. But today I realized I don't have to keep up a blog to meet anyone else's expectations -- after all, my readership right this minute is zero! I can play around with blogging just for myself. To make it more interesting, I can use
Fiberexplorations as the blog's topic.

Fiberexplorations? I'm so glad you asked . . .

In May 2009, after a year's worth of thinking and procrastinating about it, I finally started up an art quilt/mixed media group. Six people attended the first meeting (including myself) of the
Fiberexplorations group. We've had 1-2 new members each month. For our 4th meeting, coming up on Mon., Aug 10th, I'm expecting our membership to be at 11. How exciting! I think we'll have to cut it off at 12 because my living room won't accommodate any more than that.

And with that introduction, I'll now stop and publish my first post. After all, I do have a business to run! New Leaf Pattern Distributors is my wholesale quilt pattern distributorship, purchased 3+ years ago. I have about 170 designers whose patterns I market and sell to quilt shops in the US and Canada. (Sorry, I don't sell retail!)

No time to include photos with this first post, though I did link my photos on Flickr to this page. If you click on it, you can see many of my photos, quilt-related and not.

I'll finish this up and email Laura to tell her how easy this was, and encourage her to start blogging about her trip to Mexico!

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  1. I'm all caught up on your posts!! Even if I never started a blog myself I'm glad you did! I love to see all the photos :)