Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fabric Postcard Raises $100 for Charity

Whoa!  I'm still new at blogging, so I see that I need to revert to the font I used in my first post, as last night's post looks so harsh once it was published.
And if you're reading this in progressive date order, you'll see a lonely link left languishing  (lots of alliteration!) at the end of yesterday's post.  I couldn't figure out how to delete it, so it's become today's topic.

At this year's Sisters (OR) Outdoor Quilt Show (ALWAYS the 2nd Sat. of July), a call went out for donations of fabric postcards.    

From those received, about 70 postcards were chosen for a silent auction, with all proceeds going to Wendy's Wish, a foundation that helps Central Ore. cancer patients.  The High Desert Gallery, in Sisters, donated the materials and labor for custom matting and framing the chosen postcards.  Wow!  I feel even better now about patronizing their gallery; what a contribution!

Yesterday I received a hand-written thank-you note from the foundation; it said my postcard raised $100 for Wendy's Wish!  Can you believe that?  $100 for a 4" x 6" piece of fabric art!!!  I'm glad it went to a good cause.

Here's the link to see the postcards that were chosen for the silent auction.  (Mine's in row 13, #4; also shown above.)

Okay, I promise this will be my last bit about Jackson Browne.  Check out this photo I found on Flickr (don't know who the guy is), but the statue is none other than J.B., and the location is Winslow, Arizona:

Do you know what song this relates to?  This is so easy!  (Even THAT's a hint!)  Did you know this landmark even existed?  The sign's pretty funny, too.  

Today's one of my last chances to work on the penguin quilt -- the shop sample that was due in July to "advertise" a class I'm teaching this Fall at Greenbaum's Quilted Forest in Salem.  

On Sept. 2, my daughter and I are off to Delaware for 10 days to visit family and friends and, I hope, catch some late-season beach time.  After Labor Day, the crowds will be gone, and the beaches are at their absolute best.  I can already anticipate the moods and feelings they'll evoke, and how it will feel to be there:  serene, meditative, renewing, reaffirming, expansive . . . and overall, uplifting and filled with the sense of creative possibilities.  I plan to come home with many of those creative possibilities outlined in my design journal on sandy, watercolored pages.

The forecast calls for JOY and sandy toes.

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