Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Last Week of Summer

How do you feel when summer comes to an end?  For me, it's always predictable:

DISMAYED when sunsets arrive earlier and sunrise comes later.  (I want it to be light outside when I creep downstairs for my 5:30 a.m. trip to the bathroom, thrilled with the anticipation of another bright & sunny summer day!)
EXCITED about settling in for another year of learning and personal growth.  (A carry-over emotional response from school years.)  I always think, "THIS is the year I'll finally get organized . . .

We had our monthly Fiberexplorations meeting here Mon. night.  Not everyone finished this month's 9"x12" quilt project, but each person brought something to show that they'd been working on.  The group is getting better and better as each person begins to feel more comfortable with the format, each other, and in getting a better idea of what area of art quilting they'd most like to explore. 

We're more than halfway through the book we've been using ("The Art Quilt Workbook") and I've asked everyone to think of possibilities for the next book to study.  Last night I browsed through my own quilt library and pulled about 8 books to consider.  I think we need one more book arranged in "lessons" as our current book is.  On the other hand, simply studying the universal principles of design and applying that to our projects would be beneficial too.  We'll see!

My three Art & Soul classes (Portland) are coming up fast;  here's what I'm taking: 

Wed, 9/30:  "Tree Book" with Dan Essig  (note the tree growing out of the book!)

Thurs., 10/1:  "Charm School" (working with PMC silver clay to make charms)

Mon, 10/5:  "Watercolor Journeys: Inspiration from Travel" with Jacqueline Newbold (from Bend)   -- more pen & ink drawing, then watercoloring, ala' Jane Lafazio!

What a way to jumpstart a creative Fall!

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