Monday, June 27, 2011

Challenge quilt -- the home stretch

I've been working on this challenge quilt whenever I get the chance, and think the final elements are in place.  I struggled to find a way to unite the different sections and make the entire piece flow, and right up until the time when I'm stitching the 5-6 major sections together, new ideas/solutions come to mind.  Although one friend's opinion was that I was over-thinking it (and I do tend to do that), I knew I had to listen to my intuition, which was telling me that I needed to continue working on it and the answers would come, and they have!

Here's the top with some of the main sections stitched together and other layers pinned into place:
Almost complete

 The vertical chain of color & tucks is pinned into place.  Does it add the needed sparkle that links the sections together?

The quilting lines (next!) will also work to unite the sections.  
The final deadline for finishing this project is this coming Friday.  Will I finish in time???

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  1. Lovely piece of fiber art. Colorful, well balanced, and well thought out. Seeing the progress of this item from drawing to finished piece is much appreciated. Sometimes we overlook the idea that even small things need some planning, (not always just sometimes). Planning can be an integral part of creating a thing that is in your mind so that it becomes an idea. Anyhow I just love this piece.