Monday, June 27, 2011

Put a Bird on It (or "White Dove")

Everybody's putting birds on their designs.  I've added one to my blog, and she's a beauty.

Our visiting white dove.
Is anyone missing a white dove?  This one showed up in our yard about two weeks ago, and has chosen a perch on our hawthorn tree as her new home.
Her right leg is banded, but is too small for me to see if there are any identifying marks on it.  She lets me get within about two feet of her before she gets nervous and flies off.  And that's another thing:  she's an awkward flyer, though her wings don't appear to be broken.

See how neatly they fold at her sides?  She looks like a sculpted work of art from this angle:
(Click on this photo, and others,  for a larger view.)

In the next photo, her beak is hidden behind leaves, but it's a good shot of her beautiful white feathers.

We're trying to keep our two cats away from her, especially when she flies down to eat the bird seed that's been kicked from the feeders by other birds.  She also likes to sunbathe on the ground!  She stays next to the hedge, but is otherwise unprotected from the other three sides.  
How do we locate her owners?  We've put an ad on Craigslist.  I was thinking about calling churches in the area to see if they've recently hosted a wedding ceremony where doves were released.  Doesn't that sound practical?  But first I have to finish my challenge quilt!  This is the final deadline week.  Will I finish on time?

She keeps an eye (!) on my cat, sitting below the tree.
We love having her here, but also realize that there's probably a local flock of white doves, minus one, that would be happy to welcome her back.

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