Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crosscurrents: Day 2

I used so much creative energy on Day 2 that there was no energy of ANY kind for posting an update last night.
Day 2:  some X's, crossed lines, cross-currents.
 In the last half-hour of Day 2, I stabilized a piece of black dupioni silk (in upper right of  photo below), then added random rows of machine stitching to it.  Along with the white-and-gray background piece next to it, I quickly created more crossed lines using leftover fusible-backed fabric strips.
Day 2:  old and new pieces
My design wall on Day 2

My design wall now includes a long piece of Black Cherry shibori-dyed fabric created a few weeks ago.  Not sure I can use it in this project, but it fills out my wall area nicely!

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  1. Fabulous, pieces, Joanna. I'm loving the "x's" and lines. Bold and vibrant.