Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shibori, revisited

I had the urge to put color on fabric one weekend in mid-September, so I gathered my supplies and wrapped 8" strips of (dry) soda-soaked PFD fabric around PVC piping.  I recently splurged on some new Procion MX dye powders, but couldn't decide which to use.  My son (Max) was home from college for the weekend, so I asked him to make the choice between Eggplant, Black Cherry, and Rust Brown.  Without looking up, he proclaimed Black Cherry as the dye of the day.  (Probably because he doesn't like eggplant -- has he even tasted it?? -- and anything with rust in the title probably sounded unappealing.)
Fabric wrapped, scrunched, and tied on PVC pipes.
Ready for the dye
Dyeing in progress

The results
I was very happy with my results, both the shibori and the two extra fabric pieces I scrunched up and submerged in the dye bath.  I want to use these pieces, not add them to my bag of "experiments"!

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