Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Blog contest deadline extended; more on Fabric Postcards!

FYI:  The contest announced here on Nov. 29  has been extended until tomorrow (Thurs., Dec. 8) at midnight.  The prize is one of my fabric postcards!  Follow this link to enter.
The first fabric postcard I ever made, and still one of my favorites, this reindeer (a Laurel Burch fabric) was simply freemotion quilted with satin-stitched edges:

Joanna Price's holiday reindeer, 2005.
Blogger is now cooperating, so I can add more info to my previous post about fabric postcards.  Shown below are the 4 layers:  the top (or "base fabric"), cotton batting, Timtex, and the back (several examples shown, stamped with "Postcard").
The 4 layers of a fabric postcard.
Besides the examples above, here are the backs of three different fabric postcards (clockwise, the handwritten example is mine, followed by postcards made by Lisa Encabo and Chris Deibel):
The backs of 3 finished fabric postcards. Always sign and date them!
 Next, the postcards I've received from past holiday exchanges within Fiberexplorations:
Hand-appliqued, hand-beaded by Chris Deibel, 2009.

Always one for a Hawaiian theme, this was from Lisa Encabo in 2010.
Time to start stitching some more!


  1. The Postcards are lovely! Did you know that Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine has a readers Challenge for fabric postcards going right now?
    Your group should send some in :)

  2. Kathy, I also saw that challenge and plan to enter! Anyone else???