Friday, December 30, 2011

More Holiday Fabric Postcards

The winner of my first blog post was nandas (Nancy of Portland, OR) and the prize was one of my fabric postcards.  Now that she's probably received it, I can show it here.   I love the quaint message it sends:

The winner of my first blog contest received this fabric postcard.
I have a collection of vintage postcards that I often use (in part or whole) when designing fabric postcards.  This year I added tiny accents of glitter paint, and I like the added sparkle.  Here's another:

Another fabric postcard enhanced with glitter paint.

The next one is very special.  I made it for my son's girlfriend, Brandi, knowing that she loves mermaids.  (So do I, which is why I 'd previously downloaded this vintage postcard!)  I quilted the outlines of the major features with cotton thread, then switched to a copper-colored rayon for the hair, which added a nice texture.  The original colors of the postcard were very light and ethereal, so I added some tints of color using LuminArte's Primary Pigments (ground colors mixed with pure mica pigments) for a bit more intensity:
Brandi's Dream.

It's hard for me to admit this:  I grow very attached to these little beauties, so much that it's difficult to send them out into the world.  But my other friend Nancy wisely advised me to release them for others to enjoy!  No one else can enjoy them if you keep them all for yourself.  She's so right.  Anyway, I can always revisit my photos of them.

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  1. I just found these beauties doing a Google search for "fabric postcards". No wonder you didn't want to send these into the world, at least not right away! Your vintage Christmas cards with the glitter on them are gorgeous. (I need to find the post where you say what medium you used to achieve that very special look of glitter.) The highlights are applied perfectly.

    I can't even imagine how long it took you to do the inticate stitching on the mermaid. your added paints are so skillfully applied, that it's as though they were put there by the original artist's hand. (Is this a Rackham?) So glad I stumbled on these. I really enjoyed seeing your work. Thank you for sharing.