Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More on the Painted Canvas Challenge

I wanted to add more photos of our latest challenge since all of our quilts have been (temporarily) stitched into one larger, 72" x 72" quilt.  As a group, we played with the arrangement of the quilts until we had a cohesive, balanced design:

The finished product!
The makers of each, from left to right, are:
Row 1:  Maya, Chris, Kathleen, Nancy
Row 2:  Torrie, Joanna, Erika, Deb
Row 3:  Maureen, Patty, Lisa, Caithlin

Here are a few of the individual quilts.  (I'll add the others in another post.)
I love how Maureen's (left) flows into Patty's (right)
Patty's (detail)
Maya's (detail)

 I hope you enjoyed these, and please remember:  comments are ALWAYS appreciated!


  1. I've just found your blog - and joined. It looks fascinating - though I'm not a quilter - but the colours and techniques look like they'll be good to explore.

  2. Charlton Stitcher -- thanks for joining and leaving comments; they're ALWAYS appreciated! Re Gelli-printing: their website & blog have great tutorials!