Sunday, June 2, 2013


My garden is flush this year with an abundance of delicate columbine.  Perched atop tall, slender stems, their blossoms range from the lightest, palest blush of pinky-lavender . . .

 to blues . . .

and purples . . .

They remind me of a beautiful vintage quilt that came into my possession about 10 years ago.  From a distance it's beautiful,
but on closer inspection, some of the fabrics are quite damaged.
It's a shame, really, and it's too extensive of a repair job for me to undertake, so I wondered how else I could use this quilt.
Every bit of it is hand-pieced, as well as hand-quilted, as you can see from the tiny, even stitches on the back.
After several days of working up the courage, I finally got out my best fabric scissors and began cutting from one edge of the quilt, while Baby supervised:

After I trimmed a bit, some sweet quilted stars emerged:

 And I knew exactly what to do with them!


  1. It took a LOT of nerve to cut that quilt but what a lovely second life you're giving the quilted stars!

    1. TG: Don't I know it!!! You wouldn't believe how long I stood there with my best Ginghers in hand, poised to cut. Besides being damaged, the quilt wasn't a family heirloom and it lived in a cupboard, so it wasn't enhancing anyone's life. So I took a deep breath and . . .snip, snip!