Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More on the Painted Canvas Challenge

I wanted to add more photos of our latest challenge since all of our quilts have been (temporarily) stitched into one larger, 72" x 72" quilt.  As a group, we played with the arrangement of the quilts until we had a cohesive, balanced design:

The finished product!
The makers of each, from left to right, are:
Row 1:  Maya, Chris, Kathleen, Nancy
Row 2:  Torrie, Joanna, Erika, Deb
Row 3:  Maureen, Patty, Lisa, Caithlin

Here are a few of the individual quilts.  (I'll add the others in another post.)
I love how Maureen's (left) flows into Patty's (right)
Patty's (detail)
Maya's (detail)

 I hope you enjoyed these, and please remember:  comments are ALWAYS appreciated!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bright, clear colors!

After my last post, Pastels, I thought I should reinvigorate things with a shot of bright, clear color!

Inspired yet?

Sunday, June 2, 2013


My garden is flush this year with an abundance of delicate columbine.  Perched atop tall, slender stems, their blossoms range from the lightest, palest blush of pinky-lavender . . .

 to blues . . .

and purples . . .

They remind me of a beautiful vintage quilt that came into my possession about 10 years ago.  From a distance it's beautiful,
but on closer inspection, some of the fabrics are quite damaged.
It's a shame, really, and it's too extensive of a repair job for me to undertake, so I wondered how else I could use this quilt.
Every bit of it is hand-pieced, as well as hand-quilted, as you can see from the tiny, even stitches on the back.
After several days of working up the courage, I finally got out my best fabric scissors and began cutting from one edge of the quilt, while Baby supervised:

After I trimmed a bit, some sweet quilted stars emerged:

 And I knew exactly what to do with them!