Sunday, August 17, 2014

"Cut Loose" and On the Right Path

I'm adding just one new class to my lineup for the fall session at Greenbaum's Quilted Forest.  I absolutely LOVED working on this piece, which started from just playing around with some fabrics I selected from my stash.  I made several units, then put it away for about a month or so.

When I decided to teach a class based on Rayna Gillman's book Create Your Own Free-Form Quilts, I realized I could build on what I'd already started and turn that into my class sample.  I began adding more units and including some of the techniques from this book, then put them on the design wall to audition.  It need more cohesiveness, so I continued sewing, slashing, inserting, and auditioning:

Auditioning units
Once I was satisfied, I quilted it by machine and named it Cut Loose.  I wanted the quilting to add another subtle layer, so I ignored the pieced units and stitched in imaginary "units, similar to Lisa Call's grid style.
"Cut Loose," finished
Here are some detail shots that show the quilting:

"Cut Loose" detail A

"Cut Loose" detail B

"Cut Loose" detail C  
The title, Cut Loose, has a double meaning.  1)  Cut loose, as in "she didn't measure up to our standards, so we cut her loose."  Sometimes, being cut loose is exactly what's called for, and results in a new-found freedom, heightened creativity, and a better appreciation of one's own worth.  2) Cut loose, as in the process used to construct this quilt.  All rules were cast aside, and I skipped any preliminary planning in favor of working more freely.   I enjoyed all phases of this quilt's construction, and have plenty of new ideas for working in this style.  I think I'm on the right path!

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