Monday, October 13, 2014

Emotions Challenge, Unveiled

I'd like to share some of the results from our Emotions Challenge.

One of the things that brings Deb joy are her grandchildren.  Here, in her very first portrait quilt, is her granddaughter Cora's first grade smile:

 "1st Grade Smile" by Deb

Isn't this incredible for her first portrait quilt?  I think it's amazing.  Of course, she had an amazing subject!

My piece for this challenge allowed me to plunge into my luscious stash of greens. As I explained in a previous post, the inspiration for this work was a spring evening, when the world outside my window was awash in shades of green, intersected by dark lines (reflecting tree trunks and branches), and bits of color scattered throughout (for wildflowers).

"Alive in the World" by Joanna
My improvisationally-pieced "Alive in the World" also reflects the emotion of joy, and the way  I feel in the spring, when everything comes alive again and all is green, green, green!
Detail, "Alive in the World"
Photos of other finished pieces will be added as they trickle in.  Before I can show you Erika's gorgeous piece in its entirety, I'll have to take more photos in better light.  The detail shot below doesn't do justice to the colors she used, but you can get an idea of what's to come:

Detail shot of Erika's piece

Stay tuned for more!

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