Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A wedding . . . but quilt-related!

My son, Max, married his sweetheart Brandi on Nov. 22 in Sisters, OR.  My friend Betty came from Delaware for the event, and I was extremely thankful for all of her help.  While I was busy making a burlap banner for the rehearsal dinner,


Betty filled little burlap bags with candies, then closed them with velvet ribbons to match the wedding color:  aqua.

Then I went back to finishing up the guest book.

     with pretty paper on the inside cover

Wait . . . back to the book.  Did you notice the color?  and the burlap? 

 And last, but just as important, is the wedding quilt, all laid out and getting stitched together.  What color?

And here's the happy couple:

Makes me so happy!

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