Saturday, January 24, 2015

Art Quilts at Stitches in Bloom

This weekend is the annual Stitches in Bloom quilt show at the Oregon Garden in Silverton.  Back in Sept., I volunteered to coordinate a special exhibit of art quilts for this show.  With a small but efficient group of volunteers, we met our goal of collecting 25 art quilts (they had to meet the show's required measurement of at least 24" x 36").   We named our exhibit Art Quilt Friends Revisited (last year was the first time for this special exhibit and it was called Art Quilt Friends)

Here are some of the quilts in the Art Quilt Friends Revisited (AQFR) exhibit:

"Effervescent" by Nancy Bryant

by Sidnee Snell

"Industrial Nature" by Erika Close

"Menopausal Aspens" by Mandy Miller
My "Natural Symphony"  (Joanna Price)

"Rhythm in the Landscape" by Jill Hoddick
"Where's Elmo?" by Lynda Christiansen
The work displayed inside our booth did not have to meet a size requirement, so we had a variety of pieces from journal quilt size (9" x 11") on up to18" x 36".

collaged floral piece by Jill Hoddick

detail of Jill's floral textile collage
Some of my photos were difficult to crop, so the booth's black drapes are showing:
"Glacial Melt" by Betty Davis Daggett

Except for the unevenness of my cropping, I really like Lynda's quilt against the black background:

Lynda Christiansen's "The Bare Tree"

 We included two of my journal quilts from 2005 . . . what?  ten years ago!


Unfortunately, we were unable to hang any pieces that were framed or on stretcher bars, such as this  gorgeous landscape by Ginny McVickar:

"Purple Mountain's Majesty"
Here are a few other quilts that were close to our booth but not part of the AQFR exhibit:

"Pachyderm Posies" by Dee Burson
 I'm showing a large version because the original itself was large . . . and fun and colorful.

Finally, a few pieces from Portland's High Fiber Diet group and their show What's Blue to You?

"Blue Ewe" by Pamela Pilcher
"Forget me Not" by GerrieThompson

There's still time to see the show tomorrow!  I'm returning then to see the entire show (including a special exhibit of felted items in another building), and  to take home the exhibit quilts when the show closes at 4pm.

A huge THANKS  to my fellow volunteers Lynda Christiansen, Elizabeth Bamberger, Jill Hoddick, Stitches in Bloom volunteer extraordinaire Mary Goodson, plus all the booth volunteers and participants who loaned us their quilts for this exhibit.

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