Thursday, January 5, 2012

"Accepted into the show . . ."

There's a new phrase that I'm beginning to love.  It begins "Congratulations!  Your quilt has been accepted into our juried show . . ."

My quilt, "Natural Symphony."
I received notification this afternoon that my quilt, Natural Symphony, was accepted into a new show in Bend, OR called Fabrications -- The Art of Quilting.  But that's not all the exciting news.  Fellow Fabrications members Torrie Gordon and Deb Sorem also heard that lovely phrase today, and they each have a quilt juried into this show:
Torrie's lively, contemporary  quilt, "Water 2," juried into the FABRICATIONS show.
 Deb's exquisitely pieced quilt, "Bolero," juried into the FABRICATIONS show.

Obviously, all three of us are thrilled and practically dancing on clouds as we await the upcoming artists' reception on Feb. 3.  This is a new show and is sponsored by Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, which has made Central Oregon a mecca for quilt enthusiasts with their annual summer quilt show (always on the 2nd Sat. in July), where over 1300 quilts are hung throughout this 1800's style town for one day. 

There are many, many talented quilters in Central Oregon.  Submissions for the Fabrications show numbered over 100, but the venue has space for only 30 quilts.  That's a humbling thought.  Having our quilts selected for this show is an honor, and in our excitement, we haven't lost sight of that.

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  1. Congratulations!! I am happy to hear this news! Maybe this year I will actually end up going and see it!