Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fiberexplorations' First Group Exhibit

The Fiberexplorations group is exhibiting the results of their Architecture Challenge at the Ladd & Bush branch of U.S. Bank in downtown Salem, OR through Jan. 30, 2012.  These small art quilts, ranging in size from 11" x 17" to 14" x 20", are based on the architecture of the Ladd & Bush Building, an historic Salem landmark constructed in 1868.
The "Architecture Challenge" quilt exhibit inside  the Ladd & Bush Building.
The quilts are made by [left to right, above]: Lisa Encabo, Erika Close, Joanna Price, Torrie Gordon, Chris Deibel, [the center info panel] Maureen Erhardt, Kathleen Nesvik, and Deb Sorem (shown are her two quilts for this challenge, both featuring an arch).
Center panel showing photos of the building's architectural features (flanked by Chris' quilt on the left, and Maureen's on the right).
The members who participated in this challenge photographed those exterior architectural elements of this building that each found most visually interesting.  The challenge was to then design and construct a small art quilt based on those elements.  While the resulting quilts are very different from each other, they're all the same in one respect:  each is a unique interpretation of its maker.  However, if  you look closely, you might discover the same design inspiration that was used by three of our members!

If you live nearby, the bank welcomes you to visit and see these quilts in person.  The quilts are nicely spaced so they're not crowded together, but that made it challenging to get a good photo that included all the quilts. So here I've broken the exhibit into two smaller, viewable sets:
Quilts by Lisa, Erika, Joanna, Torrie, and Chris.
Quilts by Maureen, Kathleen, and two by Deb.
Thanks to Deb for all the work she did to coordinate this exhibit (including the center panel and photos!).

The Ladd & Bush Building (U.S. Bank) is located in downtown Salem at 360 Commercial St. SE, at the corner of Commercial and State Streets.

This exhibit is dedicated to the memory of Joan Wynn, our tenth member.


  1. The quilts look fabulous hanging on the wall.

  2. I love the Natural Symphony quilt. Just lovely. And I found the Architectural quilts very interesting. Especially fun since I got to see yours in progress.