Sunday, January 1, 2012

How to start off a new year

Last week I decided to whip up some quick and easy coffee sleeves.  The top and bottom ones were for a friend who, like me, loves these colors.
Three in-progress coffee sleeves.
I got as far as finishing the upper and lower edges of the bottom one, then proceeded to measure it to fit a typical paper coffee cup, when
"Oh no," I cried, as I gave birth to an alien in a snake-filled tree!  
Upside down.
(Oops, sorry!  That old saying just popped up from the recessses of my memory bank.   It's a made-up amalgamation of an imaginary Enquirer-type "news" article some friends and I made up back in the day.)  Hmmm . . . where was I?
Oh, right.  I'd designed my three coffee sleeves upside-down!  I can't think of any way to salvage them, so I'll just start over. That's a good way to start the new year:  jumping in and reworking a design idea that didn't succeed the first time.   Any ideas on how I can use the rejects in another project?

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